International Product Trade

Medical provides end-to-end wholesale supply of full range of medical goods to clients, from the world to supply the world.
Our commitment providing reliable, contemporary and affordable products is delivered via a comprehensive full-service solution. The products we deal with covers:

The business categories include

Medical EquipmentMedical Equipment for Hospital Use
- Diagnostic Equipment: Imaging Diagnosis, Physical Diagnosis, Electrophysiological Diagnosis.
- Treatment Equipment: Anesthesiology and reanimation, Surgical Equipment, Radiotherapy, Dialysis, First Aid, Endoscopy, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, Neonatology, Gynecology, etc.
- Auxiliary Equipment: Sterilization Equipment, Data Processing Equipment, Products for Disinfection
- Other Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment for Household Use
Oxygen Concentrator, Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, Blood Sugar Control Supplies, Family Diagnosis, Etc.

The business categories include

Medical ConsumableBoth high-value and low-value consumables, including disposable hygiene materials, in vitro diagnostic reagents, blood purification consumables, extracorporeal circulation, vascular intervention therapy, non-interventional therapy, anesthesia, respiratory, pacemakers, urinary, electrophysiology, infusion management, wound care, orthopedic implantation, ophthalmology, and stomatology.

The business categories include

Medical Gas SystemProvide one-stop solution for clean medical space and medical gas system. We offer comprehensive solutions that include medical gases, equipment and complementary services for hospitals and specialized health centers.

The business categories include

Medical SoftwardProvide medical big data management, health and medical data intelligent application and innovative application, new-generation of medical information and other applications.

Pharmaceutical products, bigical products, and human vaccines

Exclusive agency products